disinformation, political and economic uncertainty, unreliable, unverified market data
- all are destabilising
elements in today's business world...

impact guidance's international business network captures decades of international trade development, investment, strategic planning, and government relations experience in Europe and Russia/cis allowing us to:​
  • open new investment horizons​​
  • identify market entry opportunities
  • develop high-impact niches
  • remove perceived investment 'border controls'
  • maintain client profile and relationship stability
Geographical borders in the digital age are no longer barriers for well informed, future-thinking investors.
In the times we live in, and the territories we work in, proven relationships and a 'word is bond' philosophy are a premium resource. 
IG's network platform is built on a foundation of tested multi-national, inter-personal connections - our network members are results-focused, global thinkers, who share a mutual trust based on a track-record of completed projects.

we assess before we advise,

evaluate before we action, and

- if we don't have the answers - 

we know who to ask.